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Winter Wanderlust: Unveiling the Magic of Cornwall with The Lil Camper Co.

As the temperatures drop and festive cheer fills the air, there's no better way to embrace the winter wonderland than by embarking on a cozy road trip in one of The Lil Camper Co.'s VW camper vans. Picture this – winding roads, quaint Christmas markets, and serene beaches with no one to interrupt the views. In this blog, we'll explore the unique charm of renting a camper van in winter.

Embracing the Winter Chill:

Contrary to popular belief, winter is an ideal time to explore Cornwall. The region's beauty is accentuated by the crisp air and a touch of frost, making it a picturesque destination for those seeking a quieter and more intimate holiday experience. The Lil Camper Co.'s fleet of VW camper vans offers the perfect blend of comfort and mobility, allowing you to navigate Cornwall's scenic routes at your own pace.

Christmas Markets Extravaganza:

Cornwall is known for its charming Christmas markets, and what better way to explore them than in the snug confines of a Lil Camper? From the twinkling lights of Truro's Winter Festival to the festive stalls in Padstow and St Ives, each market boasts unique local crafts, delicious treats, and a warm holiday atmosphere. Park your camper van nearby, and you have the freedom to shop, indulge, and immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Beachside Serenity:

Winter beach walks take on a whole new dimension in Cornwall. The beaches, devoid of summer crowds, become tranquil havens where you can enjoy the soothing sound of crashing waves and the salty sea breeze. Explore hidden coves, like Kynance Cove or Porthcurno, where the golden sands contrast beautifully with the winter sea. With a Lil Camper as your base, you can stargaze on the beach, wrapped in blankets, with no one around to disturb the magic.

We have had 2 hires recently both of whom headed for a long weekend in Cornwall in November/December.


"We rented a Lil Camper for a Christmas adventure in Cornwall, and it was pure magic. The van was snug and warm, perfect for cuddling up after a day exploring Christmas markets.


"Our Lil Camper journey through Cornwall was like a dream. The Christmas markets were charming, and the beaches felt like our private retreat. The van's cozy interior made the cold nights feel like a warm embrace. Highly recommend for a unique winter escape!"

Cornwall's winter charm is best experienced on the road, and The Lil Camper Co. offers the perfect companions for your festive adventure. Rent a VW camper van, embrace the winter chill, explore Christmas markets, and discover the beauty of Cornwall with no one to spoil the views. Winter road trips have never been so enchanting!

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