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Campervans are not just Coasts and Countrysides ...

Did you know city's have campsites ? Yes you heard correctly you can camp in city's!

This weekend we did just that and took Skyler to Bath, we found a campsite called Bath Marina which was only £29.50 a night and was just 2 miles walk from the centre.

We were visiting Bath to eat at one of our favourite restaurants and didn't fancy the normal run for the last train, we had been recommended this campsite a while back so thought we would give it a go.

The campsite had super clean facilities and staff were really friendly. We arrived in the afternoon, set up and got a cab to dinner (We would have walked but it was raining and you know, well my hair looked nice!)

We had a super lovely evening and great nights sleep back in the van. The following day we drove to a picnic site on the edge of bath which had beautiful views and cooked some breakfast and then just relaxed with a book - BLISS.

This won't be the last time we take our Campers to the city, our next location will be London! Yes, you did hear that correctly - London has campsites too!

Your welcome :)

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