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A long weekend in wales ...

Last month we had a wonderful weekend in Skyler in Pembrokshire, Wales our 2nd visit to the area and certainly not the last.

Wales is known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty, so enjoying the sunshine while exploring the beaches was wonderful and each time we visit Wales, we fall in love with it more and more.

During our weekend we had a whole day at Broad Haven Beach, which has white sands and blue seas so it was the perfect day for the kids and us!

Broad Haven is a charming coastal village and is situated on the western edge of St Bride's Bay, It's a wide and sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and beach activities. The beach is also popular with water sports enthusiasts, so if you're into surfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding, you would have had a great time catching some waves or exploring the waters.

The village itself is small but has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You can take a stroll along the seafront, enjoy the views, and maybe grab a bite to eat or a drink at one of the local cafes or pubs.

We also spent time at a great country park called Scolton Park features expansive green spaces, woodlands, and gardens. It's an ideal place for leisurely walks, picnics, and exploring nature. The park also has a visitor center where you can learn about the history and heritage of the area and there was also an adventure play park for the kids which they enjoyed a lot!

Once we had gone back to our campsite each evening we would have a BBQ and a cozy fire pit whilst watching the sun go down, it was just perfect!

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