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A French adventure...

This summer we were fortunate enough to take Bluey on our first campervan adventure abroad and we travelled around France for 2 weeks.

Whilst have had many campervan trips, going abroad was a new one to us and with 2 young children – nerves were there but what a trip! We all agreed it was our best holiday to date.

France is made for camping with literally thousands of campsites, amazing toll roads and aires everywhere they really do make travelling around so easy.

Whilst a campervan can allow you to be more spontaneous with 2 small children we decided to pre book 80% of our trip before we left the UK, perhaps when they are older we will be a bit more easy going with this but it worked for us this time.

We sailed from Poole to Cherbourg which took around 5 hours, we even booked a cabin as it was an early departure so just in case the kids wanted to sleep (Of course they didn’t, they were too excited!)

Our first campsite was a Eurocamp just over 2 hours from Cherbourg called Domaine des Ormes.

WOW WOW what a campsite this was, our kids declared it was better than Centerparcs and it was safe to say we all LOVED it. We only had 2 nights there and on reflection we wish we stayed longer as there was so much to do and a beautiful area to explore however in 48 hours we managed to fit in swimming at both the indoor and outdoor pool, Climbing, horseriding, parks, BBQ’s and a evening at the Open air cinema. When people ask us what our favourite campsite of the trip was – this is it! We are definitely planning to return and spend more time there.

Our next location was an area we were most excited about when planning the trip after being “influenced” on social media to visit and it was an area in France called Il de res.

Our chosen location was an island off the Atlantic coast of France near La Rochelle, It is 30 kilometres (19 miles) long and five kilometres (3 miles) wide. To arrive in Il Des re the island is connected to the

mainland via a huge beautiful toll bridge that is just under 3 miles to drive on.

We stayed to the North of the Island in Portes des res, on a lovely quiet campsite called camping seasonova.

This was a more rustic campsite but in a beautiful village and minutes from the beach. The main mode of transport around the island is cycling, everybody has a bike and it is quicker almost to get across the Island as it only has one road but lots of cycle tracks! We hired bikes for our 4 days on the Island, saw the most stunning French villages, ate crepes in market squares, did paddleboarding and enjoyed the much slower pace of life.

One of the most beautiful places we have ever been too with the bright blue Atlantic seas, golden beaches and the most stunning villages to walk through and admire.

If you wanted to completely switch off this is the place for you. We were all so sad to leave as we all agreed we could happily live there but it was time for our next part of the roadtrip!

To be continued …

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